Short Videos on what Time Perception is all about

The Power of Time Perception

Why does time fly when you're having fun?

A few hours at a party with friends or a loved one goes crazy fast. At the end of an exciting 2-hour movie, it feels like it just started a few minutes ago. Do those sound familiar?

Why does time drag when you are bored?

Waiting in a long queue? Having to attend a boring meeting? Stuck in traffic and late for an important appointment? why do they all seem to drag time?

Why does time seem to speed up as we grow older?

Do you feel the years getting shorter? Do the days and weeks fly by and you can't figure out why? Don't you miss how time seemed to pass much slower when you were a child?

Why does time slow down in life-threatening situations?

Why do most people report time passing in slow-motion when in car accidents or during a fall? How do sports players (baseball, golf, and car racing, etc) appear to see things as if in slow motion?

Learn about the factors and Control the Percieved Speed of Time

The Time Miracle - You Made it!

You made it!

You won the 'Lottery of Life' by just being born. Your prize is on average 80 years. How will you spend your 'time prize'?

Analyze you Time Spending Habits

Understand how much time you spend on sleeping, eating, working, driving or commuting, watching TV, and more importantly, what's left for having fun.

Optimize Time Spending with these Hacks

Learn a few important hacks for organizing your life and optimizing how you spend your precious 'time prize'

Ready to design a more meaingful life?

How will You Spend your Precious 'Time Prize' ?

Ready to design a more meaingful life?