The Time Miracle

A Practical Guide to Slowing Down, Rethink Time, and Design a Meaningful Life

What's it all about?

Time is more Precious than Gold!

You won the 'Grand Lottery of Life' ! Your 'prize' is a number of hours and days you are given to live. The average human lifespan now is 79 years. How are you going to spend your time 'winnings'?

The average person will spend his time:


What's left of your life is just 8 years for having fun!

Life is not the number of days you live, but the number of days you remember!

Learn how to Free up 50% of your time to enoy more of life

A practical guide on how to free up more time for the things that matter most

Slow down time in your mind to make the most of it

Learn how to slow down time with mindfullness and make the most of every moment

Boost your happiness levels & enhance your life satisfaction

The secret to happiness is to create a meaningful life filled with memorable moments.

Ready to design a more meaingful life?
"An excellent book that provides a window into the area of managing our time to enjoy the process of life optimally and with the minimum amount of stress".
Dr. Joseph S. Maresca
Published Author
"An interesting and thought provoking book that gave me inspiration and perspective. It exceeded my expectations".
Jaime Cole
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"Priceless, wonderful ideas for timely living".
Harry S. Pearle
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