You start aging the moment you are born!

The process of fighting off bacteria, viruses, and every other micro-organism that is out there to kill you, starts on day one. It is a slow but certain process of deterioration.

It is like buying a brand new car. It starts getting old the moment you start driving it. The wear-and-tear of using the engine and car parts (brakes, gear, etc) start deteriorating with every mile you make.

That is somehow similar to what happens to the human body. The metabolic processes that are needed to keep you alive, produce ‘wear and tear. Oxidative stress imbalances starts to accumulate, driving the aging process.

While you cannot stop growing older physically, you can slow down ageing with exercise, a healthy diet, brain super-foods that prevent mental decline, and continuously seeking novelty to create as many memory markers in your life as you possibly can.

The goal is to create a life story that is rich with novel experiences that you can recall later on and feel that your time was well spent.

A man who dies at the age of 40 might have subjectively lived a longer and more fulfilling life than a man who dies at the age of 90, if he has lived a life that is rich with memories of sensational experiences.

Worse still for the man of 90 would be reaching a point in his life when, for whatever reason, he simply stops living, in the true sense of the word.

“Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75” – Benjamin Franklin.

In that sense, life is for living and you are truly alive when you are living your dreams. ‘So start living or get busy dying’

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