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Control the Speed of Time to
Make Every Second Count
The Power of Time Perception

What does the Book Cover?

How do our Brains Perceive Reality?

The world might appear continuous, but Neuroscience research shows that this is just an illusion. Learn how this affects the speed of time in your mind.

Why Time Speeds-Up or Slows-Down

The perceived Speed of Time is the speed at which your brain processes and absorbs the world around you.

How Alertness Speeds-Up Time in your Mind?

The more alert you are, the faster your brain can process information and the faster your internal clock ticks. Learn how to use that to your advantage. 

How Emotions Affect your Time Experience?

Learn why Fear, Anger, Anxiety, and other emotions slow down time.

How your Personality Affects the Speed of Time?

Are you an introvert or extrovert? A morning lark or night owl? Impulsive or Self-Controlled? These traits affect how fast time runs in your mind.

How Time Speeds Up as you Grow Older?

Explore the relationship between memories and the speeding up of time as we grow old and ways to slow it down.

Slow-Down Time in Moments of Happiness

Using the latest research in Neuroscience, you will learn about ‘getting into the zone‘ and experience flow‘ to help you live the moment.

Jean Paul Zoghbi

Speed-Up Time in Moments of Pain

Explore ways to speed up time when you are feeling negative emotions, such as fear, anger, or anxiety.

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How does your Brain Think about the Past & Future?

Why time drags when we are anticipating a pleasant future event, but rushes when we are dreading an unpleasant one? Learn how our brains experience the Past and Future and ways to control their effect.

Jean Paul Zoghbi

Craft the Longest Year of your Life

The Power of Time Perception” covers practical ways to make your next year the longest year of your life!

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The Latest Findings in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience
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