jean paul zoghbi
A Practical Guide to
Slowing Down, Rethinking Time, and
Designing a More Meaningful Life
The Time Miracle

What does the Book Cover?

You Won the Lottery of Life

The odds that you are alive at this moment in time are 1 in 400 quadrillion!

But you made it and won the Lottery of Life by just being born!

Your Time “Winnings”

Your prize is a certain number of seconds, hours, days that you are given to live. How are you going to spend your prize?

How will you spend your ‘prize’?

How much time do you spend on sleeping, eating, and earning money? And, How much is left for you to enjoy life?

Only 7 Years to Enjoy Life!

Subtracting the time you spend sleeping, eating, grooming, and earning money from your lifespan, you’ll be left with just 7 years to enjoy life!!

How can you live life and be satisfied it was time well spent?

How can you make more time for the things you love to do?

How to Design a More Meaningful Life?

Rethinking how we spend time, our most precious resource

"The Time Miracle" will show you how
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