Time is priceless. It is far more precious that money or gold.

It is our most precious possession because once it is consumed it cannot be replenished. No matter how much we hate to admit it, it will eventually run out.

While you can always work more hours to earn more money, you cannot do anything to gain more time. It is such a slippery resource that is only visible when it passes and only valued when it is gone.

Unlike money that can be saved in a bank, or gold that be hidden in a treasure box, time cannot be saved. We have no choice but to spend every moment of it; and every moment that is spent is a moment that is gone forever.

Time is also priceless because it is truly a miracle that we are here. The odds that we are alive at this moment in time are one in a billion zillion. Think about it, there was only one chance in all of the history of this universe that you would have been able to exist, and there you are, you made it. If for any reason your father and mother, or any of your grandparents, did not meet at exactly the right time, and at exactly the right place, you would not be here. If any of your ancestors, having gone through wars, famines, pestilences, and all kinds of fatal calamities, did not manage to survive, you would not be here.

The odds are astronomically stacked against your existence, but you won the lottery of life, only you do not know that you won and the prize value in the time given to you is kept hidden. You spend from that credit line without knowing the remaining balance.

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