What age do you start aging?

You start aging the moment you are born! The process of fighting off bacteria, viruses, and every other micro-organism that is out there to kill you, starts on day one. It is a slow but certain process of deterioration. It … Read More

Our Amazing Brains

If you look closely at yourself in a mirror, behind those great looks lies the sophisticated world of the most complex organ ever to be produced in the history of this universe: the human brain. Weighing around 1.4 Kg, this … Read More

The Speed of Time

To our mind, the world appears to be smooth and continuous. When we say that the world is continuous, we mean that it is persistently active and undergoing continuous change as time goes on. However, neuroscientists have accumulated a sizable … Read More

Time & Alertness

The speed of time has always intrigued me. We know from physics that time progresses at the same rate at all times, but that is not how it feels. Time certainly seems to speed up as we grow older. We … Read More

The Illusive Now

We see, hear, feel, and think ‘now’. What is experienced is experienced in the present moment. It is a moment in time between a ‘no more’ and a ‘not yet’. You might think that a ‘now’ moment is instantaneous, having … Read More

More Precious Than Gold

What comes to mind when we think about time? Why time is so precious and why do we seek ways to ‘make the most of it’? Let us go back to 4,000 BC in ancient China where the first clocks … Continue Reading

‘One life - a little gleam of Time between two Eternities’

Thomas Carlyle