Stretching Your Holidays

The most commonly reported time distortion is vacation time. You go for a 2-week vacation and when you return back home it feels like it flew by in a flash. Why is that? The length of a vacation that remains … Read More

Are there any neurological differences between the brains of morning and evening persons?

There is one study that used diffusion tensor imaging to scan the brains of 20 intermediate chronotypes as well as 16 early-birds and 23 night owls. The study found a reduction in the integrity of the night owl’s white matter … Read More

If you could sell time, what would its price be?

Time is priceless. It is far more precious that money or gold. It is our most precious possession because once it is consumed it cannot be replenished. No matter how much we hate to admit it, it will eventually run … Read More

What age do you start aging?

You start aging the moment you are born! The process of fighting off bacteria, viruses, and every other micro-organism that is out there to kill you, starts on day one. It is a slow but certain process of deterioration. It … Read More